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There are several costs associated with building a website which include domain registration, hosting fees, development fees and/or charges for extra features like online stores or booking software.

Domain registration (purchase of a link name like is often bought for 1 or 2 years and is usually under $50. Hosting/Template sites like WIX, charge an annual fee for the use of the original design template, page hosting and SSL Certification which is often equivalent to between $18 and $28 per month. The development fees to build the website depend on the needs of the site.

As of August 2023, development costs for a website with around 5 to 7 pages (or sections on a one-page website) that does NOT contain extra features such as booking software, email bulk messaging, online stores or special apps are $2300 plus taxes. A site like this might contain sections or pages such as a Home, Services or Product Description, Testimonials, About Us and Contact Info. When a project scope and estimate are created, any additional pages are charged proportionally. Thus, for a 10 page site one might expect a cost of around $4600 plus taxes.

Additional fees are charged for extra features. For example, to set up an Online Store with pictures and descriptions, get the tax and shipping information established and train the client to update and manage inventory in their store, an additional fee of $500 is charged.

It takes time and other activities to rise toward the top of a Google search engine ranking but including SEO (search engine optimization) content on pages help. Each web page has SEO content added to assist with the search engine rankings.


Building a website is a cooperative experience since the client provides content and pictures used and helps determine the look and feel of their site as we work together. Best practices for website development are used when we engage in building and consulting.

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Meetings with clients are usually held on Zoom where screens are shared and preferences are discussed. This saves travel time and expense. It also makes it possible to work with people in other states.

A client that can easily identify what they want and can provide and collaborate about images, content and feedback as needed in a timely manner, can have a site completed quickly (a few weeks). However, if the images and content are not readily available it often takes more time to complete. We ask a lot of questions and listen to the client to do our best to create the kind of website they want. It is usually a fun process.

Some clients feel a little challenged by technology, but we am happy to guide and relieve some of those fears to develop a professional website they are proud to use.

Initial consultations are free so reach out if you are interested in building a new website and having a little fun along the way!

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